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Is Community Realty Here To Stay?

One of the most common questions we get asked when agents join our team is, “Is Community Realty here to stay?” This is a great question! The founder and Principal Broker, Jennifer Worthington, has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and she started Community Realty at the end of 2016 in Lansing, MI. Our vision is to re-imagine the industry for experienced agents in medium and small sized real estate markets. These markets are wide open because progressive brokerages, with models similar to Community Realty, stay in larger major metropolitan markets.

Progressive brokerages have been around in the big markets for decades. In fact, Jennifer worked at one for years in Houston, TX. When Jennifer moved her career to Lansing, MI in 2013 she found there were no real options for agents in the mid to small sized markets outside of traditional style brokerages. It was then she embraced her mission to bring that opportunity to the agents she worked alongside, and her vision grew from there.

While Community Realty is newer in the market, security is built on more than just longevity. It is more accurately born in the vision of the company and its mission. Our vision gives Community Realty a strong foundation upon which we are building the next great real estate company.

Building a community of empowered agents, unhindered by excessive brokerage fees, able to build sustainable careers and lives that are full of realized purpose. For the first time, agents in medium and small markets have the opportunity to break with tradition and live in a grand, new normal.

Join us, and be one of our agents that say, “We came for the CASH, but we stay for the Community.” Contact us HERE to get started. 

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