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What is the Culture at Community Realty?

Here at Community Realty our agents are fond of saying they came for the CASH, but they stay for the Community. While the financial benefit of moving your career to Community Realty would be reason enough, what you’ll find once you get here is priceless.

Because we are building a company of experienced agents, you will find comradery on a whole new level as there is always someone around to brainstorm ideas, talk about challenges, and help one another. There is always a broker available to help you out when you need it. And thanks to modern technology, whether you’re in the office or not, our Managing Broker, Kellie Garrett, and Principal Broker, Jenn Worthington are always available to answer policy questions, commission questions, complicated deal questions, or just to assist you with strategy and ideas.

Our public company motto is “Build Community. Find home.” And that is the culture that permeates our entire organization. We are not just here to pay lip service to our agents or our clients, but rather we are intentionally invested in building relationships both internally and in our Community.

We recently surveyed our agents that have transferred in or started their career here at Community Realty, and we found that the overwhelming reason our agents love being here is because of the community.

Join us and let’s build the next great Real Estate Brokerage together. Contact us HERE to get started.


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