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How Do We Do It?

A lot of agents ask me how we offer such an amazing deal to our agents and still stay in business. And the answer is simple. We’re not greedy! You are not funding our beach houses and lavish vacations with your kid’s college fund or your health insurance premium this month. We believe that everyone is entitled to a livable wage.


I’ve talked to agents that have closed millions in real estate at other brokerages and can barely keep the lights on at their own homes because they pay so much to their broker. In fact, one of our Founding Member agents earned a $6,000.00 commission at her previous brokerage, but after splits and fees, walked away with just $1,200.00. That’s an 80/20 split where the broker took 80% and left the agent with 20%. It shouldn’t be that way in our industry. That same agent took home more money on her first closing at Community Realty, despite paying a referral fee back to her old brokerage, than she would have taken home had she stayed at her old broker and closed the deal.

You shouldn’t have to trade your life, your family, or your time and energy for not even enough to scrape by. Now, you don’t have to!

Here at Community Realty we build community so our agents can find home. And as our agents are fond of saying, “We came for the CASH, but we stay for the community!” Join us today. You’ve nothing to lose, but a lot to gain! Contact us HERE to get started!

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