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Have a Career AND a Life!

Agent Compensation Models

With 2 simple programs, you are able to build the career you want and invest in yourself. 

It's time to start making your business work for you, and Community Realty is here to help you forge a path forward to the career and the life you want. 

New Revolution in Real Estate: 

Community Builder Program

Community Realty's amazing Community Builder Program allows you the ability to generate an amazing immediate income, consistent residual income, and build a strong financial future with profit share opportunities.

There is no other company that offers such comprehensive financial health tools to its agents. You will want to take full advantage of every level.

Keep More.

Community Realty is looking for agents that want to keep more of what they earn every transaction.

We have aggressive compensation plans for agents whether you are new to the industry or you have been around the block a few times.

If you would like to keep more, please click below and contact us.

Know More.

Community Realty is a community of agents who work collaboratively to help each other grow. We call it the Power of WE! 

With unparalleled broker support, weekly training opportunities, and  our agents are prepared to thrive in every market. 

If you would like know more, please click the link below and contact us.

Grow More.

Community Realty is a great place for agents that want more out of life. Real Estate is an incredible vehicle to get you to your dreams. 

We want you to find your success, whatever that looks like, in each step of your journey. We also want to encourage you to embrace your whole life and find balance that will help you find sustainability in your career and the rest of your life.

If you are ready to grow more, please click the link below and contact us.

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